Bathroom Towels 5 kinds to know

Bathroom Towels 5 kinds to know

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How can any of us live without a good set of bathroom towels but if you think that you only need two towels in your bathroom, you are totally wrong!! Here we tell you about the 5 kinds of bathroom towels you need. and the variations of bathroom towels sizes and colors .

  1. Bath Towels :

This is particularly the one that comes very handy after a hot shower. also in drying your body or wrapping your dumpy hair and you can wrap it around your children to dry them after finishing up their bath time.

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2. Bath sheets:

The biggest towel of them and the most favorite to women in particular. you feel princess feel-like when you finish your shower and wrap yourself with the majestic long towel. I know we are exaggerating a bit but still, it’s fun using it after finishing your tub session.

3. Hand towels:

Smaller size but fairly sizable. You can dry your hands well as you can easily control it with your palms. It’s easy to find everywhere in many colors and designs and its affordable . You can get them plain colored or decorated.

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4.Finger Towel:

The small size of the hand towel is a finger towel. They add an elegant yet cute look to your bathroom, very handy for small places. It can be placed on your counter too.

5.Wash Cloth or Face Towels:

This is the smallest yet the cutest one of all. You can simply use it to dry off your face in the morning to freshen up or at night before going to the bed.

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we recommended the most common types of towels such as Wash Cloth,  Fingertip Towel, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheets, Face Towels, but there are many other types of towels such as Kitchen Towel or Spa Towel.