Care Instructions Icons Description

Care Instructions Icons Description

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We understand what you want? and we know care instructions icons can be very confusing specially when we have to look at every piece of clothes we wash, It should wash at any temperature, any chemicals to add when washing, which mean you can spin , rinse and dry with no damage, you all know, making a little mistake can ruin your favorite blouse.

Here we explain all instructions needed to avoid any fabric damage:

Dry Cleaning
Care Instructions

DC Care Instructions
  • Empty circle: must dry clean
  • A circle with a letter inside indicates what chemicals you can use
  • Symbol with 1 Underline or 2 indicates which the level of precaution you must take
  • Cross over the circle: Not to dry clean

Care Instructions

Care Instructions ironing
  • Empty iron symbol: use any temperature
  • Dots inside the symbol:
  • 1 dot: Delicate fabrics like silk and wool
  • 2dots: Synthetics
  • 3 dots: Linen and Cotton
  • Cross over the iron symbol: Do not iron

Care Instructions

drying Care Instructions
  • Circle inside a square: suitable to dry
  • Dots inside the circle:
  • 1-dry on low temperature
  • 2-dry on medium temperature
  • 3-dry on high temperature
  • Cross over the symbol: not to tumble dry

Hand washing
Care Instructions

hand washing Care Instructions
  • Tub with a hand symbol means you can wash this item or wash on a hand washing program with low heat
  • Twisted fabric symbol: you can wring this item
  • Cross over the symbol means you should be wring

Synthetic washing

Synthetic washing Care Instructions
  • A tub symbol: can be washed in the washing machine
  • Underlined symbol:
  • No lines: can be spun and rinsed
  • 1 line: spin speed should be reduced
  • 2 lines: mild wash, spun and rinse
  • A tub with a number indicates to the temperature degree suitable for washing the item
  • Cross over the symbol: do not wash the item
  • we really hope we have presented the icons of Care instructions in a simple way so you will never forget each one.