Cotton is KING!!

Cotton is KING!!

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Cotton is KING!

James Hammond, a southern plantation owner, and U.S. Senator extolled Southern power. In his speech to the United States Senate on March 4, 1858, he put words to a long-brewing Southern philosophy: “Cotton is King.”

So in light of the above, Henry decided to ban exporting it and stated the following “Without firing a gun. without drawing a sword, should they make war on us we could bring the whole world to our feet… What would happen if no cotton was furnished for three years? I will not stop to depict what everyone can imagine, but this is certain. England would topple headlong and carry the whole civilized world with her, save the South. No, you dare not make war on cotton. No power on earth dares to make war upon it. Cotton is king.”

James Hammond

Senator James Henry Hammond

Cotton is KING!!16

Cotton is a WEAPON!!

What’s more clue of How important cotton is than using it as a weapon. The question is .. How it reached greatness? Two and a half centuries ago It was the most powerful plant of all, on the economical, political and intellectual levels. Even when sugar and tubacco were falling, cotton stayed steady .So The number one reason for it is the non-stop daily use of cotton, check anywhere around you, you will find it.

Cotton controls the WORLD!!!

After they did not know that cotton was used as a threat to weapons during the civil wars, then after they discovered that it is in control of the world . We had to explain to you, ” Why did the cotton reached this stage?”

In fact, cotton fabric has very unique properties that are not present in it, the most important of it is that it does not cause allergies to the skin or respiratory system. Not like other fabrics made of synthetic threads or even natural wool.

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