Cotton VS Linen

Cotton VS Linen

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Cotton and Linen are both a top notch quality fabrics that we can’t complain about, but if both fabrics are so perfect. Why we are confused about which is best to use? Most of us ask this question, which fabric should I get for my bed? Should I go with Cotton? or should I try Linen?

From our experience that both are truly perfect yet, everything looks perfect until we actually try it.

Well, we are  saving you all the trouble and giving you all the juicy gossips about both. Let’s start with comparing Cotton VS Linen and see which will get more points.

linen sheet

Cotton and Linen have excellent quality and everyone used them can’t really say otherwise so both are winners.

When it comes to age, we have to be honest and say that the Linen lasts for many years but Cotton has shorter life.

They are both breathable yet. Cotton gets softer which each wash, while Linen doesn’t. We are fair that it is best for skin yet cotton is smoother.

4- Design and colors:
Cotton is definitely a winner on this one since. It has so many different weaves and colors but with Linen, they are limited.

5- Shrinkage:
They are both losers in this one because both are shrinkable and fast to show wrinkles. They are the thing that no woman appreciates.

6- Cost:
Cotton comes with a reasonable price so it is the winner here due to the high cost of Linen. It lives longer as we mentioned in a previous point above.

Here you go, now you can easily choose what’s best for you and not hesitate when choosing the suitable fabric for your needs.