Cottonfort Story

The  Cottonfort Story DNA

Here is how Cottonfort Story is told:

We are a company with strong connection to roots, Cottonfort passionate to build healthy relations with our customers, people and communities all over the globe. Backed up with more than 70 years of manufacturing experience in the textile industry.

Our third generation of entrepreneurs and marketing experts are embracing revolutionary concepts in everything we do. In Cottonfort, We are planning to disrupt the home textile, and fashion industries not only in Egypt, but all over the planet. Applying latest digital marketing methodologies supported by high-end products with genuine and elegant designs; In Cottonfort, we’ll be able to establish unique market position, deliver outstanding results, and achieve exponential growth.

We will remain always brave to try new things and embrace creativity whenever possible. By maintaining mixture of hard working, with fast pace while having fun during our journey!

Finally, we commit to be fair and honest to ourselves, our customers and our partners. and that is Cottonfort Story!