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Egyptian Cotton

Why Egyptian Cotton?

Why Egyptian Cotton? 1024 400 Cottonfort Egypt

Have you ever wondered why Egyptian Cotton is so Special? For centuries, Egyptian Cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt’s biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the…

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Care instructions icons description

Care instructions icons description 600 564 Cottonfort Egypt

We understand, care instructions icons can be very confusing specially when we have to look at every piece of clothes we wash, at what temperature should it be washed, any…

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Tips and Tricks for buying bedsheets

Tips and Tricks for buying bedsheets 900 675 Cottonfort Egypt

Tips And Tricks For Buying Bedsheets You spend a third of your life sleeping, or at least trying to. If you’re tired of being tired, it may be because you’re…

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How To Choose Towels?

How To Choose Towels? 1008 413 Cottonfort Egypt

How to Choose Towels? Shopping for towels is a touchy process. Sure, you want to buy towels that feel soft and luxurious. Before buying towels take some time to read…

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Your baby and Cotton fabrics

Your baby and Cotton fabrics 640 426 Cottonfort Egypt

Why it’s so important for Our Kids to use 100% Organic Cotton? We know that one of the most important jobs as parents is to keep our kids safe and…

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Percale vs Sateen

Percale vs Sateen 1352 768 Cottonfort Egypt

Sateen vs Percale, hot vs cool sheets: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Weaves affect the feel and heat of sheets, and everyone has a preference. While many believe sateen is best because higher thread…

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Why cotton in everything, why is it so special?

Why cotton in everything, why is it so special? 2560 942 Cottonfort Egypt

Choose the natural When it comes to our health, we don’t cut corners. Staying well, eating right, and getting a good night’s sleep are all cornerstones of a well-balanced, satisfying…

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Cotton is KING!!

Cotton is KING!! 1280 375 Cottonfort Egypt

Cotton is KING! James Hammond, a southern plantation owner, and U.S. Senator extolled Southern power. In his speech to the United States Senate on March 4, 1858, he put words…

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How to treat your cotton fabrics right ?

How to treat your cotton fabrics right ? 830 469 Cottonfort Egypt

How to remove stains from clothes? Deal with it as early as possible. The less time a stain has to soak in, the easier it will be to remove, although…

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All you need to know before you go to sleep

All you need to know before you go to sleep 1024 666 Cottonfort Egypt

The material that our bedding is made from and we sleep under is in constant contact with our skin through out the night and is a key  in helping you…

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Cotton vs Polyester

Cotton vs. Polyester

Cotton vs. Polyester 2560 1440 Cottonfort Egypt

What is best for me? Cotton or Polyester When choosing a garment to decorate, our customers are continuously asking “What is the difference between cotton and polyester, and what should…

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