Mattress Types

Mattress Types

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Did you know that mattress has many types? We need to know the traditional one and you will decide from multiple options. you know the recent types now.

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Innerspring mattress

This mattress type is the first classic type in our present days. It replaced the ordinary (Stuffed Cotton) one. When that type appeared in the market, it was a revolutionary product  in the mattress industry and also achieved a great market share.

The core support system is made from metal coils or springs. This mattress has the price advantage which covers low to high price range. Also has many comfortable options according to the price.

Foam mattress

Unlike the innerspring mattress, Foam mattresses are manufactured from compressed foam only, they depend upon the foam type. However the rigidity and flexibility of the mattress depend on the quality and the thickness of the foam.

In this type when someone lays down, the foam takes the body shape because of the elasticity of the foam which delivers softness and relaxation. Also it helps warming the body and increases the motion separation. So people don’t keep bouncing while sleeping. Sometimes gel is added to prevent the overheating. Therefore it has an extra advantage.

Hybrid type

It has the combination of the innerspring and the foam mattress. this combination provides the support system of coils with the benefits of the foam.

The coils supply the rigidity and the foam provides the comfort. All are added by hybrid technologies, accordingly the price is much higher.

Organic mattress

It is made from natural organic materials that makes it eco-friendly and has no chemicals or toxins. It is very healthy to the backbone and all the body, but it has a down side as it’s price is fairly high.

Air mattress

It is made specially for camping and traveling. It is easy to carry from place to other because it takes a small space in the bag or car when folded. It fills with air by compressor and supply the body with a sleepy mode in this areas.

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