Tips and Tricks for buying bedsheets

Tips and Tricks for buying bedsheets

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Tips And Tricks For Buying Bedsheets

You spend a third of your life sleeping, or at least trying to. If you’re tired of being tired, it may be because you’re sleeping on the wrong fit or fabric. There’s no need to tolerate wrinkles, the irritating sheet snap, or sweating like a marathon runner all night. The truth is not all bedsheets are created equal. This sheets buying guide will show you exactly how to choose your new favorite bed sheets based on practical factors like price, mattress type, material, temperature, cleaning, and more.

Consider Your Mattress Size

Tired of constantly adjusting your bed sheets? They could be the wrong size. Properly fitted sheets make your bed look and function better, letting you sleep throughout the night. Consider length, width, and depth, especially for specialty mattresses like pillow tops or those for adjustable beds. If your fitted sheet won’t stay on, you may need sheets with deeper pockets. Learn how to find the best fit for your mattress with our Bed Sheet Sizes guide.

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Choose the Right Bedsheets Materials

The right bed sheets need to be comfortable, but they can also be allergy resistant, easy to wash, and budget friendly. Before choosing a bed sheet material consider your family’s individual needs. Those with sensitive skin may sleep better on hypoallergenic fabric that’s soft to the touch. Put your needs and personal preferences first. We rated popular fabrics like Egyptian cotton to help you find your perfect based on average price, care requirements, and health benefits.

Remember, Thread Count Isn’t Everything

Manufacturing techniques can allow brands to make high thread counts without actually increasing quality. Our tests have shown that 300 to 500 is a sweet spot for softness and strength. You can find good 200-thread-count sheets, but they may not be as comfy, and anything over 500 isn’t necessarily better.


Shop for Winter, Summer, and Hot Sleepers

By changing your bed sheets based on the seasons or your own body temperature, you won’t need to adjust the thermostat at night. For toasty summer months, a more breathable, moisture-wicking bed set will keep you comfortable. They’re also beneficial for sleepers who run hot year-round. When winter comes and you’re ready to tuck your toes back in, add a fleecy top sheet.

Find Sheets That Match Your Laundry Routine

Some bed sheets require more attention than others. Materials like cotton blends and microfiber can go into the washer and dryer without much fuss, making them great for busy families. Luxury materials like Egyptian cotton require a little more care but become softer with every wash. Always be sure to follow the cleaning instructions on the tag.


Get Good Sheets for a Better Price

Price shouldn’t keep you from getting the bed sheets of your dreams. If you know where to look, For example, materials like cotton come in a range of blends and weaves that vary by price. If Egyptian cotton isn’t an option, Percale and organic cotton are more affordable and won’t feel much different against your skin.

Match Your Bedroom’s Style

Whether you want a bedroom look that’s girly and glam or subtle and modern, color coordinating your bed sheets is a smart way to show off your personal style. Don’t be afraid to go bold with bright colors or patterns. When paired with the right duvet, comforter, or pillows, you can set the tone for the rest of your bedroom and make your bed a real statement piece.