Towels | All Q&A

Towels | All Q&A

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Many questions swarm inside our heads about towels. How can you clean our towel after 1st time using it? How can you clean after washing it? Can we reuse our towels? or should we wash it after every use?
In this blog, we will take you in a trip to get the answer to all questions.

1. Why need to use a towel after a bath?

We have about 19 million skin cells in every inch of our body. Can you imagine How many dead cells there is on your skin? you will be shocked to know that the epidermal layer which is the outermost layer of the skin that contain 20-30 layers of dead cells.

Once you have a shower in a hot bath, even if you scrubbed your skin by a towel. As a result; all those dead skin layers transport into the towel. Hence, imagine the power of towels on you.

2. What the most effective material towels made from?

Towels are made from various fabric but cotton is the most effective material for this job. Cotton is considered a perfect absorptive material than a microfiber, bamboo, or any other material.

Towels are used to dry off after showering or washing your face and hands after cleansing. Also, you should know germs lives on a dumpy surface of the towel. You won’t imagine how many of them lives inside your towel threads which we don’t want to penetrate your skin.

3. How does a towel work?

Towel consists of tiny fluffy fibers that make attraction to the water. Cotton is the most suitable material to do that.

The towel has large surface area when it touches the wet body after shower, it absorbs all water and leave all dead cells on the surface. As a result, it leaves the body clean.

4. What is a towel set?

Towels have various types and sizes according to our uses. The group of various towels is called a towel set. A set could have six pieces or more including:

  • Wash cloth.
  • Face towel.
  • Hand towel.
  • Bath towel.
  • Bath sheets.
  • Kitchen towel.
  • Spa towel.
  • Also, bathrobe is considered a type of towel.
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5. What is the suitable time to wash a Towel?

After using the towel more than time, it will contain a lot of micro-germs and bacteria. They are dangerous on your health life, and they can cause disease. So as a result, to NYU Grossman school of medicine reports, we found that the best time to wash the towels are various according to our uses.

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But the maximum limit time does not exceed two or three days for washing. Yet that doesn’t apply for washcloths you use in the shower. They should be washed after every single use, same applied if you have a sensitive skin or any skin condition. It is very important to use a dryer when you wash towels to make sure all micro-germs and bacteria are died.

Some advice to help our Towels long life time :

    • Don’t place your wet towels in your laundry basket, because simply the germs can easily transfer from wet towels to any piece of clothes instantly, so please hang them to totally dry till you place them in your laundry basket.
    • You should not use bleach for killing germs, it won’t do the trick, if you want to kill germs and save the color and fabric of your towels add some vinegar to your laundry detergent.
    • Don’t overload your washing machine because then your clothes or towels won’t get much detergent, water, and movement to be as clean as if you followed the weight instructions of your machine.
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  • Following instructionsof laundry detergent amount recommended to use and the instructions of your washing mashing can make a big difference regarding your towels cleanse and durability.