Towels How To Choose?

Towels How To Choose?

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How to Choose Towels?

Shopping for towels is a touchy process. Sure, you want to buy them that feel soft and luxurious. Before buying them take some time to read our  guide below We’ve gathered and grouped everything you need to know about how to choose towels into five key categories, from size and weight to construction, so that your search will go as smoothly as possible.

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Decide on Towels Weight

Towels density is measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and this number varies between 300-900. A 300-400 GSM towel is thinner and lighter, making it ideal for the gym or the kitchen, These dry quicker than heavier one. A 400-600 GSM is a medium weight towel that’s great for the beach, and can be used as everyday bath towels. And finally a 600-900 GSM is dense and absorbent which makes it feel extra luxurious but requires a bit more drying time, With our towels we like to strike the perfect balance of thick, fluffy and absorbent, yet light enough to be quick-drying.

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Determine the Towels Size

Towel come in a variety of sizes that you’ll want to consider before your purchase.

  • Face Towel ( 30×30) or (30×50) cm
  • Hand Towel (50×90) cm
  • Guest Towel (60×120) cm
  • Bath Towel ( 70×140) cm
  • Bath Sheets (90×150) cm

Choose Your Cotton

Everyday towels are often made of standard cotton, That has longer fibers that give them extra durability and a softer feel. they made from Egyptian cotton have longer, more dense loops of thread that absorb a lot of moisture and trap warmth. Choose Egyptian cotton if you prefer a thick, luxurious feel, They also become softer and fluffier with every wash

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Pick the Towels Color and Style

they can add the warm, finishing touch to your bathroom, so consider selecting a stack in a fun accent color or pattern. Another option is to stock your cabinets with colors based on the season (i.e., bright beachy colors in spring/summer, cooler colors in fall/winter). The most classic choice is fluffy white towels, which look timeless and work with any style or setting

Notes on Care

The best way to make your towels last longer is to take proper care of them. Before using them, wash them once to help set their color, improve absorbency and reduce any lint. Also, avoid using fabric softeners since they can leave residue and create stiff texture. By putting a little time and energy into the selection process, you’ll find them that add both style and comfort to your bathroom.

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