What do you know about bathrobe?

What do you know about bathrobe?

What do you know about bathrobe? https://cottonfort.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/bathrobe-head.jpg 564 564 Cottonfort Egypt Cottonfort Egypt //cottonfort.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Cottonfort-Logo.png

You may think that the bathrobe didn’t have any special importance than towels. In this article, you may change your opinion about that. The bathrobe has many uses to add a type of comfort to your life.


A bathrobe is lookalike a housecoat maybe made from toweling materiel or other absorbent material.

You have an advantage when wearing it which acts as a towel and cover all the body, so you have available time to choose what you need to wear.


Bathrobe made from

Bathrobe has different fabrics which may be made from velour, cotton, silk, microfiber and nylon.

Velour bathrobes are supported by terrycloth lining, as terrycloth material has the benefit of absorbing water better than velour. Velour can make a bathrobe garment is soft on skin.

Cotton bathrobes are highly effective absorbent material. It can be used on beach, pool, after bath or in hot climate condition.

Silk bathrobes are most expensive one; it feels you so elegant and more softness. It is more suitable for women.


Microfiber bathrobes are synthetic fiber mainly made from polyester or cotton which are characterized by water absorption and have thin pores to make the bathrobe breathy.

Nylon bathrobes are synthetic fiber which are characterized by water proof, inexpensive and easily washed.

All those different types of bathrobe can be used in various conditions and in different ways.

Importance of Bathrobe:

1. Bath time:

The obvious one for sure, feeling spoiled while wearing your bathrobe before a hot bubble bath. It is exactly what every woman needs after a hectic day at work or even at home with kids, or even after being done with house duties.

2. Fresh up your morning:

Women take a long time to think about their suitable outfit for going to work.
Also they are spending a lot of time on a daily basis and you can’t wear your outfit and have breakfast before going out.
You maybe spill something on your clothes accidentally and then you will have to change your whole outfit again and waste more time. I think calling them and taking a day off or you have in trouble to reach late. Using your bathrobe protect you from all those troubles.

3. Getting the look before a night out:

Same applied to a night out. We try almost every outfit we have trying to pick the perfect outfit which we see fits the place we are going.
For example, if it’s a girl’s night out you would choose a layback outfit that goes with it. It is different if you are going to an occasion maybe a wedding or a birthday, you would want to look elegant of course. When you are wearing your bathrobe is a life saver till you solve your outfit dilemma.

4. A fun night in:

You think by now we have explained all situations needed to wear a bathrobe.
Another one more that you will absolutely LOVE, the best one of all.
We may look at this from two different aspects, in the following scenarios, you are coming home from work exhausted, have shower and put yourself in your bathrobe to relax or make it as a new soft look for a fun night with your partner as you desire.
We hope be made a valid point to benefit from this information.