Why Egyptian Cotton?

Why Egyptian Cotton?

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Have you ever wondered why Egyptian Cotton is so Special?

Egyptian Cotton Flower

For centuries, Egyptian Cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt’s biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the world’s best cotton, its quality have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as the world’s finest. This reputation is based on several reasons, and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from all other natural fibers:

1- Longer fibers means better cotton:

The Extra-long staple fibers makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn.

2- Finer yarns: 

means gloriously soft to the touch, and such softness feels like nothing else and it only gets more luxurious as the thread count increases.

Long Staple Cotton
Cotton Yarn

3- Strong yarns: The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress. It increases the ability to absorb liquids which means that it holds deeper colors with a resilient vibrancy. Therefore textiles made from Egyptian cotton remains bright instead of faded and washed out, proving why It is the most resilient cotton.

4- It’s Hand picked: which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibers – as opposed to mechanical picking – leaving the fibers straight and intact. It’s the only way to make sure that the cotton keeps its exquisite softness, and incomparable strength.

Hand picked cotton

We believe that extra time and effort is certainly worth to ensure providing
a sumptuous cotton that lasts forever.

All these factors have resulted in Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.

What’s the secret behind all this?

Egyptian Cotton

A small secret lies under the soil that it grows in. The combination of the best cotton seeds in the world imported from Brazil and West Indian Sea Island during the 19th century with the exceptional environment provided by the Nile Delta where rain, sun, humidity and soil irrigation combined to produce a climatic heaven resulting in the best cotton in the world.

Origin of Egyptian Cotton Varieties

Now you know WHY and HOW!

Egyptian cotton has become associated with high levels of luxury, and for very good reason indeed. It is not the product of advertising or marketing spin; it’s known as the best cotton there is because it genuinely is the best cotton there is. If you’re looking to purchase anything made of fabric in the future, opting for Egyptian cotton is always going to be an excellent decision. Enjoy!

Luxury Egyptian Cotton

You should feel confident in buying the boldest item on the shelf.